Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics

Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics

Loss of tooth is a major concern among us. Tooth loss may affect patients belonging to any age category. Some of the reasons behind tooth loss are dental cavities, broken tooth, and space between teeth. This dilemma can be rectified by using fixed or removable dental appliances.

Dentures are a replacement solution for missing teeth. They are removable dental appliances which can either be used to replace all the natural teeth or only a few teeth. Dentures offer an excellent cosmetic solution as they look exactly like normal teeth. They also restore the functionality of the mouth.

Why should you get dentures?

  • Dentures look exactly like natural teeth. Both the teeth and the gums can be fabricated to look natural.
  • They help in chewing food. Thereby, they help with the digestion as well.
  • When most of the teeth are extracted, it alters the shape of the mouth and the face. This can be prevented when dentures are used, as they help retain the shape of the cheeks and lips.
  • They help in improving the phonetics.
  • They improve the smile of a person.

What are complete dentures and partial dentures?

Complete dentures:They are used when all the natural teeth have been removed. There are two types of complete dentures; immediate dentures and conventional dentures.

Conventional dentures: Getting dentures would require many visits to the dentist's office. During the initial visit, the dentist examines the mouth. Signs of sagging of the tissues, bone loss, changes in the shape of the jawbone, etc. are considered. The teeth are removed and a highly precise mold is taken, which is used to fabricate the denture. It would take a few weeks for the dentures to be fabricated, while the wound from the tooth extraction heals. After the wound heals, the dentures can be used by the patient.

Immediate dentures: Immediate dentures are the ones that can be worn immediately after the teeth have been extracted. The mold will be taken a few weeks before the teeth are removed. The patient wouldn't have to go without teeth for a few days, as in the case of conventional dentures. The wound is allowed to heal under the denture. After the wound heals, there would be a change in the fit, which the dentist would modify upon careful examination.

Partial dentures: They are the dentures which contain only a few prosthetic teeth. They are used when the patient has lost only a few of his/her natural teeth. These are the best solution to replace multiple teeth because getting multiple implants would be a complicated solution. It would also be expensive. Also, the same applies to multiple dental bridges. In such cases, partial implants would prove to be the best solution. Moreover, they are better from an economic point of view as well.

Dentures can be made from either metal, acrylic or composite. Metal dentures are strong and durable, but expensive compared to the alternatives. Acrylic dentures are more affordable, but, as they're made from plastic, they aren't strong. The most widely used material for making dentures is composites. They're strong, durable and aesthetically very pleasing. They can be made to look exactly like one's teeth and gums. With careful use and regular cleaning, the life of dentures can be extended. Periodic visits to the dentist's office help make any changes to the dentures with respect to the fit.


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